INSPIRE CHINA Inspiring To Reach New Heights 挑战新的高度1. A Proven Model: Early Childhood Education + Sports + English!经典模式:早教+运动+英语 2. Connect your child to global friendships and education!与世界牵手,让教育同步 3. Enjoy a happy, healthy and active lifestyle!享受健康快乐的生活!

DETAILS:We are a Chinese and Canadian collaboration aiming to bring recreational sport ideals from Canada to the Chinese people. Through Sport we aim to inspire your child and help to bring them to their utmost potential. Inspire Sports uses modern, internationally recognized teaching methodologies, combined with a strong understanding and sensitivity to Chinese knowledge, experience and culture. By combining the best of both worlds we provide the children with the optimal environment to develop the self–confidence and self-esteem they need to enjoy a happy, healthy and active lifestyle. The professional team from Inspire Sports introduces the children to a happy version of sports with the aim of developing their bodies and minds in a positive way. The core team comes from the national sports organization and education authority centre in Canada and includes experts in early childhood education. The courses offered by Inspire Sports will focus on active learning through physical activities and educational games. These activities and games take into consideration each child’s developmental stages, emotions and language acquisition. The complete set of course materials has been successfully implemented in Canada for many years, and we are convinced that it will work well in China too. We create an English only environment where children are fully immersed within the language. All instructions are given in English and teachers encourage constant engagement in conversation. Teachers use all three learning styles, auditory, visual and kinesthetic, simultaneously to teach ESL. By combining proven teaching methods, we are able to provide different learning styles to suit every child’s needs. Our children deserve to reach their personal physical potential, have confidence in their own body, have a happy childhood and enjoy a light-hearted life. Thus, Inspire Sports is prepared to, together with you, explore various activities that could enhance balance, strength, flexibility, coordination, agility and much more. Click the images on the left to view a gallery of our brand new facility in Changzhou, China.        

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